Monday, March 7, 2011

NEW CHALLENGE and example by LAURIE of Serenity Scrappers

Okee doke folks.. I FINALLY got the other challenge prize recipients stuff in mail.. Sorry Rhonda. So.. off for the next. I didn't get a pic of the prize.. I will post tomorrow.. I just didnn't want to wait on specs. for the challenge.
Rules are:
1. Follow if you truly want to, or just in for a visit.. either way.. It's nice to see you, Please join the challenge
2. 12x12 or 8x8 Layout
3. Use three pics . This will represent Bella, Edward and Jacobs triangle of love..awww
4. Use red in the picture.. This is a no brainer..representing love...and the forbidden human blood of Bella!
5. Stamp somewhere on the page. (Pssstt... a stamp set is part of it
6. Have loads of fun and email to by 12:00 midnight EST 3/13/11


  1. might have to give this a try thanks for the challenge

  2. Cool Kel might have to give it a try since I now have the Immortal stack that I got at Joanns:) Great layout from Serenity Scrappers!!