Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hello. I'm not sure if I've ever showed this off. This is a poster my friend Dawn printed for my daughter My daughter just absolutely loves this! The quality is amazing, it looks like it's straight from premier night. We're lucky to have such a thoughtful friend and neighbor. I'm pretty sure that santa is bringing Amanda a frame for it ..shhhhhhh LOL. Thanks again Dawn. Please go visit my very very talented friend Dawn at our other blog Serenityscrappers.blogspot.com. FYI, I printed the owl on vinyl for my bathroom and Amanda stole it for her room.. LOL. She's a big owl fan.. LOL


  1. Awesome poster!! That is soo funny Amanda stole the owl, I am loving that owl!!!


  2. That is a great poster. I can't believe it was printed, the quality is great. :) I went and saw Breaking Dawn again with my sister a couple of nights ago.