Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh ya...they went there...LOL

Breaking Dawn midnight showing ..... $11.00
A Large drink..... Practically $11.00 LOL
The "headboard" scene....Priceless
All you Twihard fans.. If you go to to the show DO NOT leave at the credits..there is a few minutes after that.. so STAY IN YOUR SEATS!


  1. You must be exhausted today. Glad you like it!!


  2. Jealous!! Would you say it's appropriate for an 11 yr old. She's watched all of the others due to their lack of awkward scenes, but the previews have me feeling this one she might have to miss.

  3. Kel, I thought of you today when checking out a new set of stamps and just had to rush over here to let you know (in case you don't already). Check them out here: They are yummy!!!

    Marianne S.

  4. on my way to check it out marianne..thanks and Natasha.. ummm.. not for 11 yr. olds. The honeymoon scene and the birth scene are pretty intense.

  5. This is the first Twilight that I did not go see at Midnight, because we have so much going on. I am planning on seeing it tomorrow afternoon.

  6. There was a collective sigh and YES! when that scene came on!