Monday, January 3, 2011


Thought these guys were cute from Pixieduststudios! Sorry for not so great pics.. I used somebody else's camera.. mine is in my car 3 hours away with my son at Black Mountain, NH where he is snowboarding! He left the overprotective,crazy nervous mom at home... LOL Anyway, this is one of my daughters fav. scenes from Eclipse. I am going to print a pic of the altercation they have in front of Bella's house and I will put it on the mat.. My ! photo printer.....Grrrrrrrr was giving me trouble... LOL. The journaling says "What's going on?"...."I kissed Bella...and she broke her hand punching me in the face"


  1. Awesome page, Kel. I love those little guys! You did a great job with them. I the red paper over the patterned paper, awesome look! Great job! I hope you son had fun snowboarding!!

  2. I love that scene too:)Love the cute images great job as always Kei:)We as mothers are very overprotective and I would be the same way worrying like crazy LOL!!