Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This was fun to do. I bought a piece of canvas that was over thin cardboard. It's like 5 or 6 by 7 or 8 or something.. LOL. (I'm not home to measure, i the picture on the way out the door sorry) I got as a package of 3 for like 2 bucks. I took paints of all fun colors and painted the whole thing. I thing tore some papers and just stuck here and there and covered with modge podge. I printed out the pics and stuck them ontop before everything dried and added some brown flowers. Simple and fun when you want to just play with paints.. LOL This just sits in a small plate holder ontop of my daughters desk. She gets lots of compliments on it.


  1. Nice work!
    Funny that I found you through anothr blog... I just posted/created a twilight card!
    Nice blog!

  2. This is super awesome. I love, the canvas, but am afraid!! I guess I must conquer my fear and give it a go. TFS!

  3. WOW HOT!!! I love this scene in the movie:)